Under Construction

I have forgotten how much work setting up a proper blog takes. I should just consider hiring my little sister for the job. After all she is a lot better at details than I do, which must be why she’s an accountant. Boy, I can’t even count my money correctly, and I don’t even have that many.

It’s been busy at work and it seems like all I do all day is arranging for the mega farewell. Farewell dinner attendance is skyrocketing but still nobody can come up with a proper performance. Not when the guy who had been doing the performance all these while is the one who is going away.

I love event managing no matter how tiring it is. But there are two things that would be stopping me from taking it up as a career. One: I am bad at driving. I can’t go recce-ing up event site without having someone driving me there. Two: I am bad at finding cost-efficient things.

Now I better get going on the performance planning in case performance team decides a no-show on the said day.

And oh yes.

I’m even worse at trusting people.

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