Ku Kai

It was Sunday. We went out to the new Evo Mall. They hosts Aeon MaxValu Prime as their grocery store. I am fascinated at how these prettily decorated, ig-worthy grocery stores become trendy these days. It really reflects the fact that us – millenials – are at home-making age.

Heartbeat and I was joking around while my husband was finding olive oil and lotion for Winter. His cradle cap was as bad as his face was weeks ago. Heartbeat was laughing when he said to me “ku kai” and giggled more. Puzzled, I asked him what is “ku kai”. It must be something he learned at school. Is it chinese? A majority of his teachers are chinese and he got loads of chinese friends too. Therefore I had long expected he will be knowing some chinese words soon.

But Heartbeat refused to answer me.

I kept prodding him but he just giggled away. “Ku kai means kentut,” more giggle from him. I doubted it’s the correct word. Heartbeat loves to say the word “kentut” to everything. He would sing a song changing all the end word with “kentut”. He finds it funny.

So I asked him. Is it ok if omak tell teacher you said “ku kai”? Horrified, he said no, no.

I see. It must be a bad word then. He knows it. And he knows his teachers would not be happy to know he said it.

So I whipped out my phone to text my chinese colleague to ask if “ku kai” means anything in chinese. Heartbeat wrestled at my phone to see if I was texting his teachers. Not that he knew if I was not.

I did not get my colleague reply fast enough. So, just like any typical millenial mothers, I googled it out.

Ku kai means shit.

In Hawaiian.

Well, the word isn’t mega bad or something. But it made me realized:

My kid may be learning ANYTHING outside.

It means just about anything and everything. And if I did not happen to hear him say it, I may not know he knows that word. Ever. This had been a deep reminder to me how very important it is to keep communication alive between me and my kids, to check what they learn from others, to know what is happening in their lives.

So I will know how to safeguard him from what he knows.

Parenting is difficult.

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