Heartbeat’s Adventure

What la this Starbucks always sending me promotion. Like I don’t have enough barista coffee at work already.

Oh hi!

The previous Chinese New Year holiday, Heartbeat’s school was closed for a whole week. So my husband and I took turns to take leave so we can babysit him.

Way before the holiday, I planned up some things to keep Heartbeat entertained. I figured sitting around at home will bore both of us so I decided we would go on adventures.

I rarely bring Heartbeat anywhere on my own without my husband. You see, when he was growing up there were growing numbers of kids being kidnapped and I am a paranoid mom. Not only did I feel a kidnapper would sooner snatch babies/toddlers from a woman’s hand than a man, if anything bad happens, unlike my husband who would be quick to react and safe the day, my first reaction would just be a scream. Like that time when Heartbeat slipped in the bathroom. I had screamed but my husband simply extend out his foot to catch Heartbeat’s neck so his head would not hit the floor. It was still painful for him, but at least he was saved from a bigger tragedy. From then on, bathing Heartbeat is officially my husband’s job. Ha!

Anyway. The adventure.

First, we went on a train ride to have lunch with my husband. I had thought about bringing along the stroller. We had to switch train at KL Sentral and it was a long way away to MRT station of Muzium Negara. My husband thought Heartbeat could do it, so we were off without the stroller.

Dude, I carried him 2/3 of the way.

But at least MRT is free for under 6 years old. Why is ERL charging, again?

We had lunch and Heartbeat was already sleeping when it was time to go home. I had to carry him again all the way to ERL. Such a great exercise.

The next adventure was indoor playground. More exercise for me. He just could not stop running around. I called a time-out for water drinking, he sat about 5 seconds and asked if he can play more.

I was terrified of the slides. Maybe as a child I was a bit scared of it, I am afraid of height anyway. But as I grow into an adult, the fear, too, grow into a full-fledge phobia. Our screaming match went as below.

“Omak scared ni!!”

“It’s OK!!!”

“But it’s scary!!!!”

“Just try it!!!!”


The good thing about telling Heartbeat it was an adventure is, I could tell him in adventure there is always a bad guy. So he always have to hold my hands to avoid being captured by bad guys. Later if bad guys catch you, you can’t go home anymore, cannot see Omak Abah anymore, cannot play with tablet anymore, cannot play with Iron Man anymore.. *true script*. So he held my hand and did not dare go anywhere alone. Haha.

I had to carry him back again because he was too tired after 2 hours of playing.

And when the day came for him to go to school again, he did not want to go.

Maybe the next time he has a holiday, we shouldn’t do anything fun. Let him bore himself at home, and then maybe he will look forward to school.

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