The Not-Everyday

I didn’t write yesterday, so I guess I need to write two today.

I did not quite have something I particularly wanted to write, thus procrastinating yesterday post. I do have a rough idea which aren’t developed yet. So I guess I will just tell what random things happened yesterday.

We were getting ready to get out of house when Heartbeat said “I want Omak.” He stayed in between me and Winter’s stroller, so that it would be difficult for Abah to take him away.

Abah went, “Who will go to kedai with Abah and buy Mamee Monster?”

He came out from his hiding place at the sound of Mamee Monster. Two seconds later realized it’s a bait, and went back in. Hahah.

I asked my husband to push Winter’s stroller and I walked hand-in-hand with Heartbeat. Usually he would be racing Abah to the car.

At my car, he started picking up things and asking questions, ignoring attempts to get him to move away and close the door. He pointed at the umbrella and started telling story about umbrella used when it’s rain and mummy and rainbow sad. Heartbeat vocabulary and grammar isn’t that good enough, but when he tell stories he uses all the word he knows and he has to figure things out.

Why is the rainbow sad?

Because rainbow is not happy.

Duh. Obviously. But it also means he understands that sad equals not happy. Good enough.

In the end, Abah just picked him up, to which he started crying and went “I want Omaaakkk” all over again.

Dude, just 15 minutes ago when you were watching your tablet, you didn’t care about my existence.

On the other hand, me writing blogs rustled some feathers at work. One colleague even googled me out to find out the link (he’s not on my FB list).

“Kau stress? Pergila tulis blog.”

“‘Perempuan diuji ketika tiada apa, lelaki diuji ketika ada segalanya’. Ha aku dah bagi kau quote ni. Apa lagi, tulis la dekat blog.”

Seriously, guys.

And for the record, I dont pay USD48 per year for a domain to “luahkan” anything. I got my husband to do the job.

“.. and oh, Alice.

The hatter, he’s mad!

At you.”

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