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Yours Freshly Dim Sum at Putrajaya

I had just saw a list of dim sum places in KL so I casually talked about it to my husband.

Me: There is this supposedly good dim sum buffet place at Mont Kiara, I think.

Husband: Oh yes, right. I know that place.

Me: You do?

Honestly, it isn’t like my husband to know this kind of places. Which is why I am the one suggesting where to celebrate special days all the time.

Husband: Yes. We are eating there this coming Monday. Ms XXX is buying us lunch.


Fine lah. Go eat dim sum without me.

And then on Friday my batch-mate/coursemate announced on our whatsapp group he will be opening a dim sum eatery in Suria Mall, Putrajaya!

There’s him on my left! Ah good old university-days when I am kpop-thin.

So, I dragged everyone on Sunday after Harraz’s birthday party for my dim sum treat.

Only that, I did not eat just dim sum. Ha ha!

They got Chicken Lollies (which is fried chicken wings) on the menu too! The set came with choices of two sides: butter rice, salad, fries or mashed potatoes. I ordered the honey chili and hoped it isn’t as inedibly spicy as Domino’s Ayamhaseyo. (Serious warning guys don’t buy that dominos chicken!) Fortunately, this chicken isn’t so. We had the butter rice and potato wedges to go with it along with brown mushroom sauce. I have a feeling the plain fried wings will be fine enough dipped in the sauce.

I had the chicken shomai and salted egg dim sum and had to be contented with just two types. The dim sum did taste good and I wasn’t saying this because he’s a friend. Or maybe I am not well-versed yet with dim sum. So do me a favor and try it out and let me know I’m not wrong please.

My attempt to hide my fat behind Winter totally works! Ha ha.

The eatery is located in the food court of Suria Mall (Dorsett Putrajaya building) at Level 2. They also sell uncooked dim sum for takeaway. So in case you went to JPN at the next building to renew your MyKad andhas nothing to do while waiting, do drop by and try them out OK.

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Disclaimer: No, this post isn’t paid. Duh.

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