Heartbeat’s English

Sigh. It’s bad news one after another.

Following repatriation of my best expat friend and my best expat supervisor is my best expat sector head.

I guess you can’t have the best of everything all the time.


Anyway, this morning while I was packing up Winter’s milk..

“There’s no hot wheels. How am I supposed to…”

I looked up at Heartbeat who had just retrieved his hot wheel track but could not find the car.

Um, excuse me, Heartbeat. I’m not sure if you are supposed to know how to use the word ‘supposed’ at the age of barely four.

I should thank Ryan’s Toys Review, I think.

Sometimes, we are immensely surprised at how well Heartbeat’s English is. We are no native speakers and I didn’t speak English myself until I was much older. But Heartbeat speaks it almost naturally. He does it even when he is playing on his own, narrating whatever imaginary thinking he was having. His Malay Language, somehow, does sound a tad funny. We attributed this to the fact that he goes to school with English medium and that he watch a lot of English programs.

When he was tiny, I had wanted him to go to childcare centre just like any other kids his age. Just do what is normal, that would be enough, I had thought. And then I changed my mind. Because he had started to look unhappy at the centre. He did not cry in the morning, but he refused to look our way. When the teacher posted photos of kids on Whatsapp group, there he was on his own, staring at spaces and looking much unhappy.

We were forced to a new school we thought he would find fun and reconsidered the option we had abandoned more than a year before because “it was expensive”.

Heartbeat had stayed at the new school ever since. Within his first months there, people started to see his changes. He was not afraid of people anymore and he spoke a lot more than he did. And a lot more than that now. Only the other day, he told me a story about a sad rainbow and told my husband about Hensel and Gretel.

The school is still expensive, I kid you not. But I have no complain with expensive things with good quality. Working as designer myself, I know how the highly good quality parts are never cheap.

So, yes. I don’t judge people who buy expensive stuffs. I understand perfectly what they are looking for. And that it’s a matter of priority.

The end.

Gah I so hate trying to write an ending.

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