Monday Morning

I have really been slacking off on my writing these days. Writer’s block: the cliche-most excuse. Nah. I have a few things I wanted to write but the details aren’t complete yet.

For example, the dinner on Friday but I’m waiting for my colleague to send me photos. I’m so bad at taking photos that if you see a nice photo up my Instagram, chances is my husband took it for me. Ha! So we leave the department to someone more skilled, shall we?

For example two, birthday party planning. Remember we attended the birthday party at Blokke? I got the quotations and thought I’d share with you tips for planning. But I need to analyze them first before giving out the best option. Gah, kids’ birthday parties nowadays can be as price-y as wedding parties, I kid you not.

And oh yes, I’m also planning for Sydney visit. Serious-leh this Sydney thing has been going on for-ever. Even before Heartbeat I had wanted to go. Then, before Winter. But now we must must must go.

Until then, I will sit here and continue my Alice book.

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