What’s with the big word?

Today at our daily morning meeting, one of us reported his evaluation result on the new light source. We all nodded as he showed a decline in screen performance of one model; it was something we had expected. But on another model, it shows screen improvement. The nods some seconds ago turned puzzled. Light behavior really surprises me at time. How can a bad bean produce a good sprout?

This brought me to the conversation I had with my husband some weeks back. He was talking animatedly about this historical movie he watched the other night. My husband love history and stories on wars. Which was why our destination for honeymoon was the DMZ; I thought he might like to have a real view of what two countries on war looks like at their border.

Learning about history is fascinating, he had said. To which I rolled my eyes. This is the same person who told me chemistry does not make sense.

Excuse me, I love chemistry. I topped my chemistry class back in university. I adore how atoms positioned themselves and changes to adapt to the changing environment. So much that my material engineering class was an easy A, too.

On the other hand, everybody knows history is a total snore. Shrugged.

If my husband had went to engineering school, I have no idea how he would survive.


He triumphs at his current job. He does very well, even the bosses love him. I had to agree he does better at his job than I do at mine, hands down.

A bean you perceive as bad *can* grow a great sprout; if it is in the correct environment. People behave differently to the same stimulant. If one day you ever sit around thinking you are not doing as well as others, chances is you just need a different environment, motivation, drive to push yourself up.

No bean is a bad bean. They just end up in an incorrect environment.

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