Sunway Putra Hotel Stay

Over the weekend, I did not just went shopping, but I joined the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon as well. #clearthroat #feelingimportant.

But that will come up later, today I will write about our Sunway Putra Hotel stay.

We (which means my husband) booked the hotel very very very late because his wife (that is me, ek ehem) is too lazy/busy to choose a hotel to stay. So I left the whole thing hanging until Friday at lunch time. By then, a lot of the hotel were almost full, except for the expensive room. And so did Sunway Putra Hotel, it seemed, based on the availability check on its website. However, several other agents such as Expedia, still has a room. So we booked two of the Superior Room.

Because we had the whole KLCC fiasco on the previous post which included me lining up at Duck store (ergh I really should’ve bought the powder!) and Hearbeat repeating lets-go-back-i-wanna-play-playdoh every now and then, we arrived at the hotel late. It must be past 6 when my husband went up the reception counter. I sat at the lounge waiting while holding Winter because Heartbeat was in the stroller, sleeping.

The check-in was a long one and then my husband came up and said that there are two funny things.

What is it?

One of the room doesn’t have a window.

Oh, well, I don’t need a window so it’s OK. I’m not one of those who feel suffocated in a square windowless room.

Another one?

That, lets go up and see.

So we went up up up to Level 24 and even then, the room was at the end-most of the corridor. I had noticed the huge gap between doors and thought my husband might have booked a bigger room.

He pushed the door open to reveal a FAMILY SUITE(!) and said if he knew we would be upgraded, he wouldn’t take another room. But oh well, if we just take one room, we wouldn’t be getting the upgrade because there was still one room downstairs, isn’t it?

But I was overly excited for the free upgrade, I am not one of those lucky enough to be getting these kind of things often, so yes, grin was positively plastered on my face.

This is the living room with extra bed. Heartbeat totally made a mess at the table with his Playdoh. Ah but nobody slept on that bed.

TV view of the living room.

Kitchen area. We just used the fridge for Winter’s milk.

Bedroom with the fluffiest white sheet! I have this special preference on white sheet, it’s one of the most important thing on my hotel checklist. We were provided piles of comfortable pillows which came in handy when one of us need to use the bathroom; we just put the pillow on the bed side to avoid the kids from falling off.

I think we all had a good night sleep, all four of us squeezing in one bed. Thankfully I didn’t even have to guard Winter against Heartbeat; he hardly even toss around. I felt like I haven’t enjoyed hotel bed for the longest time.

Bathroom with shower and vanity and toilet. The toilet was spacious enough with all its amenities. But I would’ve been thrilled if it has had a tub.

The other thing we enjoyed was the scale. Ha ha. Our house’s scale ran out of battery so we took turns on the scale and tried to measure Winter out too.

Imagine my heart when I had to wake up earlier than everyone else for the run.

Imagine my heart too when I could not enjoy the hugely spread breakfast buffet properly for the run.

But we do what we need to do.

So I dashed out of the oh-so-comfortable bed, had a shower and quick breakfast and off I went for my first ever run of my life.

Oh the drama.

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