[Baby Room Review] Sunway Putra Mall

We went for dinner Saturday night at Sunway Putra Mall downstairs. While browsing the restaurants, Heartbeat importantly told us he wants to eat ‘here’ – Manhattan Fish Market.

Only three and already choosing dinner.

But it’s OK. At least I didn’t have to make the decision.

Heartbeat even chose where he wants to sit. *roll eyes*

But halfway through waiting for the food to arrive, I realized that I didn’t bring Winter’s nursing cover. He was already fussing so much at that time that I was glad the baby room is just nearby.

The notice at the room clearly stated that only ONE family is allowed at one time. Therefore, only one changing station with one couch at the nursing area is provided. The place is decorated with bright colors, the nursing area has a red couch. I always adore kids places with bright colors. It shows the host sincerely wants kids to be happy there.

Power plug at the back of the couch if you wish to pump. There is a table on your side to put bags or pumping equipment. And a wall fan, I’m not sure if the air conditioner isn’t working well over here, but I switched it on nevertheless. The nursing area is separated from changing area by curtains, although there is a glass windows you can peek through. This must be why they only allow one family at a time, even when you are doing different things.

The changing area is much like the one in KLCC’s second floor with the diapers bin being labeled clearly. There is padding on the wall to avoid baby’s head to hit it, tissue within reach, and new model-looking water dispenser.

And then there is the below.

They provided baby soap and lotion, together with bottle cleanser. However, I think the soap and cleanser should be at the other side of the water dispenser, right next to the sink. Still, I really think it’s great that they even provided these in the baby room.

I give this room a 4.5 stars for great amenities and cleanliness. So if you drop by Sunway Putra Mall to shop, fret not they have a really good baby area!

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