Winter Starts Solid!

You do know how much I had waited for this, right? The day Winter finally can eat solid. I had spent days patiently letting him trying to rip off my thumb with his toothless gums, enduring his drooling stare as he watched us eating dinners. All those hopes of making fanciful puree because BF-ed babies are said to be less picky on food (Heartbeat repeated plain rice, broccoli and potato only over and over again!). Aaaaand it came to this.

Winter hates food.

At least I haven’t seen him like any of the things I gave him more than he likes my fingers.

He started off with apple, the way Heartbeat did. He made funny faces as though he was being tortured. The fuji apple we gave him did have a slightly sour taste to it. So I had thought maybe it’s the wrong apple. Next I served him a gala. He started making sounds as if to expel the puree out of his mouth.

And then we got avocadoes, a supposed hit among babies. I never ate avocadoes before, so I did feel it tasted a bit weird. Mashed and mixed it with milk. Same hateful reaction. Maybe mashed are too hard for him too, so the next time I pureed it. By now he must have been tired of it all, he hardly looked my way, more busy with playing his toys.

And then sweet potatoes. This time it really tasted good and sweet. I mixed it with milk and plain water to make it as runny as possible. But still, he went all eeekkk like I just fed him dung.

Ok, maybe my cooking isn’t right. Maybe my puree isn’t good. So I bought one of those jarred puree. Apple. He didn’t seem to like it, but at least he wasn’t showing any negative reaction. Until I accidentally put a tiny more into his mouth and he tried to spat it out but didn’t know how to. And blerrrghhhh came his vomit. He wouldn’t stop until the glob is out of his mouth, and then he stopped, smiled and laughed like he didn’t just covered himself and his stroller with sour-smelled milk biles.

So so so so much of fanciful puree.

Tomorrow I’m gonna cook plain rice porridge je.


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