Hello people. Now that I am not *that* busy, I cannot not write and use the cliche excuse anymore.

Yesterday I got this!

Ha ha ha. I was dead excited. After noticing I got the first three hour red, I took the whole thing seriously. When my watch beeped telling me the I have some steps left for the last 10 minute of the hour, I ditched what I was doing and started to walk around. Very determined to get the full mark.

I started my diet regime and is determined to lose 10kg. Yeah I know 10kg took forever, but remember the whole shoot-for-the-moon-land-on-the-stars saying? Or at least I think it sounds like that.

To mark the first diet day,

…lunchbox! Filled with awesome greens. Wholemeal bread and cheese slices. Zero dressings because I dread the sugar that comes with it.

To ruin the first diet day,

Cannot help trying out the new donut at GJ. I love the classic donut at Starbucks so I wanted to try this one. Plus, my husband used the eating-one-won’t-make-you-fat statement when I told him about it. So I tried. And it was a disappointment. I don’t know is it my sugarless latte, but the donut did not taste sweet at all, even covered all-over with icing sugar. Such a waste of calories.

And to ruin first diet day further,

…butter rice and baked chicken thigh from the PPC. I’m kind of in love with my own cooking (ha ha ha!) so I don’t know how to run a weight-losing program when I have to cook.

Oh the PPC!

I asked a colleague who happened to be best-friend with her PPC for some tips. She mentioned that rice can be cooked together when you are grilling or baking something. But I am that kiasu nerd who, when being taught about cooking rice, went straight to cooking butter rice. Reduce water for the rice because it has been said that PC uses less water when rice cooking. In return, you don’t get the volume of rice you usually get with a rice cooker. Which is OK with us since we cannot finish this lot pun. Put in marinated chicken (we bought the readily marinated ones just for trying out), and then put the metal container filled with beras, water, butter, onion, veggies and salt if you wish. Put the whole container on top of the chicken. Make sure it balances well, you don’t want it to topple onto the chicken, else you’ll get biryani gam without the biryani. And then shut it close, turn the nozzle to bake, and select bake chicken. Leave it for 18 minutes and it is ready!

Today I’m going to cook fish curry. Ewah, suddenly so rajin. So this morning I made the curry paste so I can just chuck everything inside and press start.

Ah I hope Winter will let me go earlier today.

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