My Dad (Part 1)

The text on our siblings Whatsapp group on Wednesday after lunchtime was on a joking note. My brother said our mom texted him telling our dad “terkulai”, to which my brother put on a sweating-laughing emoji. He must’ve thought mom was overreacting.

I had thought so too.

Mom was crying on the phone telling me dad was plugged with all sort of wires.

I still thought mom was overreacting.

But I left work and went straight to the ER nevertheless.

I arrived to see mom looking disheveled. No one is allowed in to see dad yet, so we went to the cafeteria to have a bite. I was aware I already had my lunch and am on diet, but whatever, the soto my pregnant sister ate looked delicious. I ordered mineral water to stay on the low-sugar side, but unconsciously grabbed my sister’s teh ais. To which I received a death glare from her.

Coming back from cafeteria, mom was allowed in. So I thought I’d better do my Asar prayer in the meantime. After prayer I read another message on our siblings Whatsapp group. My little sister asking everybody to come saying our dad “tengah tunggu masa”.

“Tunggu masa apa? Masuk wad?” I asked my elder sister.

She didn’t say anything but motioned me to hurry up to get back to ER.

I arrived back at ER seeing my mom’s and sisters’ watery red-eyes.

“Bapak?” I asked.

Nobody answered. My sister sniffed.

“Tadi kan ma dah masuk? Bapak macam mana?”

No answer.

I blinked back tears thinking, I’m not too late, am I?

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