Picking a Present

Lately the Kate Spade Watson Lane passes my FB feed daily. If only it can stays there until my birthday which is eight months away… ha!

A few days ago there was a discussion at a friend’s wall about a husband taking out a female friend to choose present for his wife. As everyone agreed it is not a proper thing to do, the guys do talk about the difficulties of choosing a present for their wives.

Which I totally understand.

And my husband would too.

Because I am that wife who would announce “I want (insert thing’s name)” and 4 seconds later change my mind because I just realized (insert reason of not wanting something) only to forgot that I don’t want it anymore two days later and start telling my husband “I want (insert thing’s name again)“.

And there is the kind of wives, who, when asked what do they want, they reply, “Anything is OK.” But when you bought something they would exclaim, “But I don’t want this!”

Yes. That’s me too.

One time my husband asked me what do I want for dinner. I just said, “I’ll eat anything you buy.” And the second I took the food out of bag and saw it’s naan with tandoori, I told him, “But I don’t want naan and tandoori!” From then on, he doesn’t believe if I tell him I will eat anything he buy.

The thing is, many times, there are something us, wives, like. Or at least it is so with me. But I would think of how much it will cost my husband, so I try not to ask, knowing he will do his best to get it. I would say I want a masak lemak cili padi and he would drive all the way to Nilai to get me a decent one.

In short, the wives want something but don’t like to trouble the husbands.

Or merely, segan.


The wives should know, too, that they are doing their husbands a huge favor by telling, or hinting what they want. Because it really makes a man’s year (yeah, longer than the short 24-hours day) to know that they get you the right thing and make you happy. It may be expensive, and you don’t want them to save up the entire year just for a gift for you, but sometimes you have to know that you are that special to someone. Making you happy makes them happy.

So, help them.

If you are shy about telling it to their face, keep a wishlist somewhere and he can always check and pick up something from the list that he can afford.

The bottom line is, tell.

It makes it easier for them.

And they don’t have to ask their female friends anymore.

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