Why Wives Got Angry

How many times has it been since the last post again? Well, I’ve been busy.

Ok, ok. The cliche.

But I had been busy digging politics for the past days (plus getting sick!) so I have been holding myself from writing and spent more time reading.

Anyway, today we were on our way to my in-laws when I asked my husband, does he think I should wear something on my face or not. It is not the first time I had consiered this. Remember the phase in my pregnancy when I thought I looked old and worn out? I ended up with cleanser and moisturizer then but didnt use the moisturizer pun in the end because I found my face too oily afterwards. I asked my husband the same question some days ago and his answer then was “Up to you.” Today I asked him again after checking my face in the passenger seat mirror and he gave an enthusiastic “Yes, I think you should. Go and buy something”.

I eyed him suspiciously.

“Why does this seem too easy?”

“What?” He looked at me.

And then he started off on how his boss just told him a story about his wife. The boss said he disagrees a lot with his wife, and then one day he agreed with her, and her wife asked, “Why are you suddenly agreeing with me?”. Which led his boss to a conclusion which he told my husband, “When your wife is right, she’s right. When your wife is wrong, she’s still right.””What does that mean?” My husband asked. “You’ll get there,” he had said.

So now my husband is there.

Wherever there means.

So I started to explain to him. “Because it sounds like you guys are agreeing because you can’t be bothered to give it a thought.”

“Well, it isn’t something very important.”

I guess that is where guys get it wrong. The question might sound trivial, not a matter of life and death in you guys’ eyes, but it is important to us, even when it’s only about whether or not I should wear powder on my face. The matter is small and won’t impact the country’s financial condition, but we still want you to give it a serious thought, because it is important to us. The whole agreeing nonchalantly thing only makes it look like you are trying to dismiss the subject as soon as possible because you could not care less.

These are why wives got angry when husbands agree with them easily.

But on his point, I understand, it isn’t that important.

Anyway. We went to my in-laws again much later in the evening and my mother in-law asked whether it had been a long day for us since my face looked oily.

Hah, that’s my cue!


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