Baby Room Review: Genting Highlands Premium Outlet

It’s been long since we visited a new shopping complex, so we are thrilled to have the excuse to change Winter’s diaper here.

The baby room we visited is the one at the center area, near surau. From the map, I can see they have many other rooms. I guess it must be because one room provides only one changing table.

It is the standard plastic changing table mounted to the wall. This table always left me puzzled at how to change my baby when he’s in horizontal position. I guess the original design is mothers would be standing next to the wall too instead of opposite. However, I find that it is impossible to do so as the left side has curtain to cover nursing area, and the right side is the door. Someone may be pushing their way in as you change your baby causing the door to knock you over.

However this table is convenient for small baby rooms, you can fold it when you are not using it, giving you more room to move around.

There is water dispenser that provides you hot water and room temperature water if you need to make formula milk.

Opposite of the changing area is the sink. You can see soap dispenser and tissue dispenser mounted on the wall next to it and a mirror on the left. I am unsure if a mirror is a necessity in a baby’s room, but no harm putting one up. The water is cold(!) since we are in the mountains. i didn’t check if they provide hot water to wash babies up.

The nursing area is divided by curtains, and there are two couches inside. It is similar to couches at baby rooms at many other malls, if I remember correctly.

I would give the place 3.5 stars. Nothing special about it, and nothing bad either. But I like how clean the whole place is, despite being in the area where a lot of people go.

Until the next baby room review.

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