It was a normal working day for me. My simulation completed somewhere between yesterday evening when I left work and this morning before I arrived because when I switched on my monitor, there were the notification staring at me from the screen. I hastily collected all the results so I can send it in time for our morning meeting.

The rest of the day is pretty uneventful, consisted of more drawings work while scrolling IG to read about the new monogram tote from dUCk. A few months ago I might have wanted a tote, but impulsive-buyer me just doesn’t wait for months. When I saw the bag on Vivy’s IG, I already decided I don’t need it.

Anyway, while I was being bored, Hana texted me. An my day when from that plain sand brown to the bright fuschia. Or may be not fuschia because it doesn’t exactly became cheerful.

Hana’s son, Aydean is Heartbeat’s best friend at school. Now, Winter also has a friend his age named Aydean, which I had laughed so hard when I heard the coincidence. Although Winter isn’t really befriending anyone yet, but I’m gonna force him to become friends with this other Aydean. Ha ha ha.

Where was I? Oh, Hana’s text.

She wanted to know if I am giving Heartbeat any exercise. I was like what exercise? And then noticed the photo she had sent along.

The kids are having Mid Year Quiz next week. “Quiz” are the word they used on the poster. For all I know, it means “EXAM”. So I went into panic mode.

No, I didn’t know anything about this. I had said to Hana. Further telling her I’m going to grill my husband for not telling me and no more TV for Heartbeat after this and Mandarin?? I didn’t even know Heartbeat actually learns Mandarin. He couldn’t even count properly in Malay, you know. Only a few days ago he was like, “Satu, duwee, tigee, empaak, limee, enaam, sepuluuhh.” Do you mean, he’s supposed to know numbers in Mandarin too?

Should be. Hana had said. I heard Aydean count in chinese the other day.


And she further mentioned the kids are doing chinese strokes. What strokes???

Apparently, she texted me wanting to ask tips on how to prepare Aydean for speaking parts, because the teacher said he has difficulties there. But I ended up more panicked than her.

I told her not to worry about Aydean. Heartbeat may just inherited my talkative gene. Lol.

My husband, on the other hand, appeared to be completely calm about it. He was like, What quiz? Oh, the one they sent poster about yesterday?

Yes-ter-day? So why was Heartbeat still watching PJ Masks last night?

They have quizzes often, anyway. He had further said.

He often has quiz and I know nothing about it??

You two wait situ. Omak going to get really angry.

In the meantime, where do I sign up for Mandarin class?

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