Eid Preparation

This must be the longest I abandoned this blog. I had written quite a bit and halfway stopped due to commitment. And when I had the time to continue writing, I don’t feel like writing the topic anymore.

Seriously how do authors write 1743 pages of book? If I do one, by page 57 I might delete everything and start all over again. Lol.

So how has everything been for you guys? Me, in between work, kids, cooking for iftar, rotating shifts with siblings to take care of dad, visiting in-laws, I find that I have little time for something else. Although I have a feeling there must be much time left that I overlooked.

I will be honest, I don’t have an eid clothes yet. 6 years back and I still have not get the whole Eid preparation schedule. It turned out, good tailors don’t take anymore orders as early as two-months before Ramadhan. And there are those who have the nerve to mock people who shop for Eid early. And since I spent 22 years of my life wearing mom-made kurung, I never find ready-to-wear items fitting me good enough. There was one expensively bought (or at least I find it expensive!), but got destroyed after a few washes. So, yes, my Eid clothes are nowhere near ready, so I will just wear the jubah my mother-in-law bought me.

We are buying cookies from the same seller again this year. Only 2 or 3 types, since we don’t want to waste anything. Initially I had wanted to bake, at least one, myself, but yeah like I said, the time got lost in between. Ha ha.

Duit raya. Lol. I had always laughed at the way we discuss how much duit raya to give out each year. We never finished the packets we filled so we always save what was left for the following year, just so we will not have to spend so much all over again come the next Eid. So a few days ago, my husband asked me where are the packets. Haha we both forgot where we hid the thing, I had to ransack the house

So how is your Eid preparation?

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