The Ghost with Green Eyes

My nephews can see ghosts. They aren’t ghosts like in the movies, they are jinns. But ghosts are the word the kids use. My nephews can see them. Yes, more than one of them. And at more than one place too. I think it’s because they are still kids. They would tell us what they saw and we know they don’t lie about it.

So when Heartbeat ran back into the room when he was just at the door, leaving for school, this morning, saying, “Just now, I saw ghost!”, I just couldn’t dismiss him. Taking care not to burn the tudung I was ironing, I turned half my attention to him. By the way, Heartbeat’s ‘just now’ can also mean yesterday. Or the day before that. Or two days before that. Or last week. Or last month. You’ll never know.

“You saw a ghost?” I echoed after him.

“Yes! The ghost got green eyes!” He widened his eyes and put his thumbs and forefingers around it to emphasize on eyes.

So. A green-eyed ghost. Did he saw it outside at the corridor. Or… um NOT in our house, right?

“Where did you see it?”

“Tadi tu I see kat TV, tadi. Mickey mouse and ghost. Takutt.”


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