My Hair Drama

This morning, my husband slept after Subuh and the kids were not up yet. So I thought I would start the day early, make myself a mug of Milo and quietly enjoy the current drama I am watching.

Two minutes into the drama, I heard a wail. Followed a few seconds later with my husband’s voice calling me.

I went into the room to pick Winter up and lulled him back to sleep. He sleeps better in my arm, I can still enjoy my drama, I had thought.

A few minutes later, I heard tiny footsteps. Heartbeat walked out and throw himself on the couch, tummy down.

So much of my own personal morning time. Sigh.


Last year, around this time, I was obsessed with growing out my hair.

Serious question: Did you ever feel like your hair stops growing at a certain length?

I did. So I must have read a lot of tips on hair on the net, I will just summarize a few points up here.

1. You need protein for hair-growth. So your weight-loss programme might not go hand-in-hand with your hair-growing programme if you plan to do away with chicken.

2. Dandruff equals to unhealthy scalp equals to hair-growth restrictions. Solve it!

3. Heat and hair are enemies. Brave the cold water for hair wash even when it’s below 20 degrees outside.

4. Pat your hair, DO NOT rub vigorously when you are towel-drying. It saves your hair shafts from breaking.

5. It is said that your hair life cycle is longer when you are younger. Bahaha me must be past my prime time already.

6. Comb your hair with wide-toothed comb when washing/conditioning it.

Last year I had returned to using Kiehls basic shampoo and conditioner (without silicone oils!) and had loved it. This year I tried switching to Melvita because, oh well, it’s organic, but I found out I liked it less. It doesn’t use SLS therefore it was less foamy and I always had the feelings the conditioner isn’t spread well enough.

Back to Kiehls soon I guess, then.

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