[#fariniminusten] Almost the First Milestone

I was dead convinced today is Wednesday. I woke up in the morning thinking, “Well it’s Wednesday. Tomorrow going to be Thursday already. This week isn’t so bad.” only to realize as I drove to work that it is only Tuesday.

I am on my way to lose my 1st kg since I re-started #fariniminusten, therefore making me more paranoid of screwing things up. The 1st kg is crucial. It is when your body is re-adjusting and giving up feels much easier than swallowing drools when you see good food. I casually waved it off as my colleague offered me keropok sira pedas from the east coast. I’m standing oh-so-strong by my diet principle.


Today I saw fried chicken on socmed. And those who knows me knows how much I love fried chicken, I am even associated with KFC all the time. To prove his love to his wife, my husband MUST, at all time, be able to give up his fried chicken skin to me. But I shouldn’t be eating fried chicken at least until I lose my 2nd kg, because if something goes wrong, at least I won’t be back at square one all over again. I would at least be at square five. So I stick myself to the rule stronger than that gam gajah.

So what do I do about my cravings? I can do nothing, but I happened to remember some years back when I was supposed to baked chicken thigh and ended up with something similar to fried chicken. Yeah, things happen. So I decided to try it out this time. And will just let you know once I succeed. If you don’t hear about it in one week time, consider the chicken successfully became baked chicken.

But then, I also haven’t said goodbye to cream spaghetti yet!

*legit cries a river*


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