My Painful Shoulder

Reached my 1st kg mark but I regretfully had to inform the program need to be shelved. For personal reasons. My husband will just have to bear a bit more with a fat wife.

I came to work with a pronounced pain on my shoulder. It is usually a sign I did a tad too much drawings, something about my sitting posteur not being right, but I haven’t done excessive jobs this week. A colleague helped working on the muscles, I could hear the knot as she knead it. And more pain. Lol. But my hand did feel lighter afterwards. I really need to thank her for it.

This kind of thing always remind me of that time when I had shoulder injury after playing tennis with my friends in university. The tennis game itself was fun. I remember we sent one friend to go pick the ball that was hit pass the wall, only to have tennis balls rained on us a short while after. He had went throwing in ALL the balls he found outside in the bush. I had laughed a lot.

And then there came the pain, no kidding. For days it had hurt, and nothing seems to ease it. I remember taking my Robotic finals with my right hand barely able to be lifted up on the table, let alone right. Don’t let me start on my handwritings… the fact that I had a B in that subject is a wonder. I remember spilling the books I was carrying while trying to open the door of the examination room with one painful hand.

And then I went to see the doctor. In Korea, you are sent to specialist right away. If your chest hurt, you go to cardio. Itchy eyes and they send you to ophtal. Ear infection and you go to ENT. That time I wasn’t sure what was the doctor’s specialized area, but he took a look at me and said, “I think I know what’s wrong.” He lifted my right painful hand up straight, found a point on my back, and while putting light pressure on the point, he swung my hand down quickly. To which my body involuntarily responded with a LOUD burp. It didn’t even hurt when he did it.

And then I got better.

So easy meh? Doctors are so clever or what?

I dont question doctors anymore. I have huge trust that they are doing the best they could.

Oh, this is cue to write a thank you post to HUKM team, isn’t it.

One will be right up.



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