That Turning Point

Late Thursday afternoon, my little sister posed a question on our siblings’ group chatroom.

Is it too late to change career?

She’s not yet 30, so I guess it isn’t late for her yet. The others also had similar positive answers for her.

What do you want to do?

She posted an ad on Forensic Science.

Lets do it. She had said to me. But we need to take the degree.

Oh well, I don’t mind the degree. I mind having to cut frogs.

Among the universities, only UKM had offered a Bachelor in Forensic Science. The 4 years of study costs a whopping RM9520. But if you divide it to 48 months, the amount is less than RM200 per months, which I feel is not that expensive.

But there is another obstacles to that.

My sister and I both do not have a pre-university certificates.

Heck we don’t even have MUET certification. So we had to google further on other options such as A-level (almost RM20k!) and STPM. Of course STPM is much much cheaper. Upon hearing this, my elder sister decided to join in. And then, my elder brother did too. I was so happy, we are so going to have fun. Lucky us, the registration for STPM 2019 closes on the coming 16th of July. I decided to take time-out from work the next day so I can buy everyone the pin from BSN.

Until last night before I went to bed, and my little sister texted me.

But the course is a full time course.

Yes. I had said. Most undergraduate courses are full time.

Then, how do I attend?


I went and bought her the pin today, anyway. She said she would just study accounting with my elder sister. Aaannd she already has CAT certificates.

On a side note, she said I should as well join them in accounting if I want to change career.

Well, I dont like counting money. I am going to know how much I spent if I do.

But. Jokes aside.

The idea of Islamic Finance and Security Commission’s Islamic Capital Market Business Group is really tempting.


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