How My Eid Goes

There goes the last weekend of Syawal. Are you still at an open house? Or is it true nowadays raya stretches from Aidilfitri straight to Aidiladha?

We had called it an Eid. Many thank yous to those who had hosted us and let Heartbeat played all he wanted. He must have enjoyed this raya more than he did the previous one. This raya he had learned that inside the packet, there is money he could use to buy toys. You must see his face when he got his first packet and the realization dawned on him. Such bright eyes. But it only lasted until packet three, I think, then he just handed everything our way, don’t care. This raya too he learned that he can go play with friends outside the school. He stayed longer with his cousins, went to his friend’s house, and had his friends coming over. It isn’t all visiting people he doesn’t know, he met friends and learned to share his (and their!) toys.

Winter, on the other hand, only enjoyed the packet. He likes chewing it. One time we realized too late that he was chewing the packet in his hand, one tiny bit of the packets was already in his mouth. He would be utterly angry whenever someone takes away the packet from his hands because it would mean he could not chew it.

Many thank yous too to those who had visited. You could tell that the friendship is old when your friends came over and just sat on bean bags enjoying Korean drama along with you, the kids in the toy room. You don’t even need to care about entertaining.

#fariniminusten still running. I cannot bring myself to abandon such good progress. I had thought I did well on food control on Saturday night. I was strict about after-six food lately, but the open house started at 8. So I had chose my food carefully, but still gained 0.2kg by Sunday morning. Sunday open house is more disastrous with durian and serawa. And lempeng with sardines. We rushed home to see our guests had brought along plastics of kuih and pisang goreng. And as if that isn’t bad enough, my husband even went to the shop to buy me nescafe so I could enjoy the donuts dipped in coffee. #legitcriesariver. Since there is no use crying over spilt milk, I ran straight for the 7-minutes workout after Maghrib.

I hope you guys had enjoyed your Eid too and had not over-eaten anything. Although I would understand, who can stop at 2 pieces of roti jala only.

Selamat Hari Raya, my readers.

Maaf Zahir Batin.

P/S: Hana, I saw your chocolate pretzel on the table and made a mental note to ask for one piece, but I forgot all about it and only remember 6 hours later. Lol I laughed to myself and the other person in the room with me was puzzled.

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