Winter Day Out

These days I couldn’t quite catch up with socmed on weekends.

Eleh, liar la you.

Ok, I can. But am not able to sit and write anything. And it has been long since I post anything on facebook and instagram. By my standard, I mean.

Yesterday my husband came home late from work, so I thought I’d brought Winter on a day out, just the two of us. Boy, I half-regretted it.

I had imagined sipping coffee with a donut on the side while playing with him. In reality, I didn’t even get to go near a cafe.

After checking out a few shops for my things, I brought him to the baby-scale indoor playground. He just sat there on the floor. The only thing he climbed was my leg. I had thought he would love it, he just couldn’t stop crawling and climbing everywhere at home. Duh. The girl was so nice to refund me back my money since he didn’t play a thing.

After a pit stop at Mothercare, we headed to Toys r Us. Apparently a 9-month-old don’t care about toys. Winter was officially screaming as I made my way through narrow alleys, hardly enough to push the stroller through. I bought him a rabbit soft toys which he initially seemed to like but lost interest in 10 minutes after.

Dinner was papaya from MBG. We sat at one of the seats in the middle of the walkway, me feeding him mashed papaya bit by bit. The only thing he genuinely happy about was the sips of water after dinner. Excuse me dude, that I ccan easily give you at home.

We left the place at 9.30 with him screaming in his seat from the moment I put him there until I took him out again at our house. Phew *kesat peluh*. At least I’m still alive. It made me remember that day I brought him out on my own during my maternity leave. This time, it sure took more energy than that time.

Here I came up with a few tips of when you bring your baby out:

1. Park at Premier Parking. Ha ha ha! When you have a crying baby in one hand and you had to push the stroller full with the things you bought on the other, you won’t want to have to walk far.

2. Locate the nearest baby room before you go. You can check out my Baby Room Review section (which I haven’t had the time to move from facebook to here lagi 😅)

3. Reduce your number of things to bring. I know you are tempted to bring everything from baby wipes to diapers to cutleries to toys to books, but if you are alone and carrying that heavy backpack with a baby who doesnt enjoy his stroller and want you to carry them all the time, you might as well just stay home.

4. Plan your way around the mall. Make sure you don’t have to go from here to there and back here again because you forgot something. Lol malls nowadays are so huge you dont want to lose energy walking end-to-end for nothing.

5. Carry your cash! This is especially true for me. I only had a few ringgits in my wallet yesterday. And the thoughts of having to use the ATM with a baby is nerve-wrecking. You can’t take your eyes off the ATM bit you can’t take your eyes off the baby too. Yeah, I’m a bit paranoid of the whole child-kidnap thing.

6. No handbag kot. I think it’s more vulnerable to pickpockets/snatchers especially when 90% of your attention is on the baby.

7. Don’t go out too late. Winter were all fussy and sleepy as it neared his bedtime, it was difficult to enjoy myself.

Well I guess that’s that. What are you guys doing tomorrow?

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