(Late) Lunch at Macha and Co

My husband has this preference for Indian things. He goes to Indian barber all the time, insists on Indian carwash services and in love with Indian food. On one of his birthday celebration, I brought him for an Indian food buffet at Hotel Grand Seasons, and I never seen ate that much at a buffet before.

Am not complaining but I honestly had the best Indian biryani in Korea and has yet to find somewhere in Malaysia with something similar.

So when Have Halal Will Travel page on facebook made a video on the top 5 banana leaf places in Kuala Lumpur to try, we simply cannot not go. We had thought to try Restoran Fathima at Bangsar today, but since our time management got out of hands, my husband suggested Macha and Co at The Curve instead.

By the time I was there at 3 pm, I was already shaking with hunger. And the chicken biryani I ordered took a lot longer than my husband’s banana leaf set to arrive, causing me to munch on his papadom and fried chicken while waiting.


My husband ordered the banana leaf set, RM11.20. Rice, three types of vegetables and kuah. He picked the fish curry gravy, and add-on chicken 65. Chicken 65 is bite-size fried chicken. I quite like the chicken (yes, I never not like fried chicken, I know). It was at a good degree of crispy and juicy. However the tenggiri fish curry gravy isn’t up to my liking. The papadom, although tasted very good, is a lot oily. I can even see the oil puddled up on it, so if you are watching your cholestrol, you might not want to have too much of it.

I had chicken biryani, RM20. I think the spices isn’t mixed well as some part as the rice tasted just tawar but the part with the spice tasted good. It came with a whole chicken leg that is good but not that good. The portion is smaller than I thought it would be, but I’m not complaining as I am on #fariniminusten. Ha! Again, the telur mata is a lot oily too. I think they did not squeeze the oil out well. I didn’t taste the kurma gravy that came with it.

My husband had sirap selasih and I had mineral water. But I saw that hot drinks are served in tiny stainless steel cups.

Overall, the whole experience is just so-so. I might have visited at the time when their workers are on break, therefore there aren’t many waiters around. The cook had to ping the bell so many times to have one waiter take the cooked food and serve it to a table. I was famished, remember, so the whole slow service did not give me a good impression. The service isn’t even comparable to a normal mamak eatery. The food is good. But isn’t really very very good according to my taste bud.

I guess I’m going to have to search around more for an Indian biryani that I like.

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