Place Like Home

Seriously. Hardships are for you to learn to be grateful for the things you already have in your life. Three nights at the hospital and we came home feeling more grateful of our mattress and sofa. And our home generally. They don’t say it no place like one for nothing, do they?

Those who wonder: Winter had a major food poisoning. I don’t even know if we can actually chuck it up to food poisoning because Winter eats most things except food. So lets just settle for a nasty stomach bug. It was so nasty he was throwing up almost non-stop. All froth and yellow bile when it wasn’t the milk he just drank. We went to nearby clinic where the doctor referred us to hospital where the doctor at the hospital sent us home and ask us to monitor where we found out he did not stop throwing up even after giving him meds and we brought him back to the hospital where they told us there was no bed available so we had to go to another hospital and get questioned all over again from the start and they took Winter’s blood and sent him in for a three days stay. Phew!

Seems long, right. In real life it was much much longer than that sentence, by the time we settled into the ward it was around 3 in the morning.

And all those time, Heartbeat just slept in the stroller, no care.

The A&E doctor asked something we found funny: has he always been this color?

We were like “Huh? What color?

He thought Winter was a bit pale but Winter had always looked that way and boy, it took him quite some vomits and no fluid intake to slow his activity down a bit. So generally we were never this nervous about his well-being. His hemoglobin did came a bit low, which is new too (A&E doctor was like “I told you he’s a bit pale!”) since his blood test a week ago showed normal. So they sent samples out for thalassemia study. Winter is still pooing, but his blood was cleared and he had stopped vomitting for almost 24 hours. And most importantly, he can eat and drink well again. He’s already eating toys as soon as he came home.

After all those ordeal and I’m back on my spacious bed, I really am feeling more grateful of what I have right now. It isn’t the most expensive mattress at the shop but it’s good nevertheless. I haven’t had good rest for days and I still had to prep the proteins for the week, and yet it’s good to be back home.

After all. There is no place like one.

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