[Baby Room Review] Sunway Pyramid

When I started Baby Room Review (from now on: BRR), a friens told me I should write on the one at Sunway Pyramid. But I rarely go to Sunway Pyramid because it is one of the overly successful malls in Klang Valley (alongside MidValley and One Utama) so the crowd going there cause massive traffic jams every week. If ever I need to go to any of these three, I would be out early morning and already be in the carpark at 10 am.

But that week, it wasn’t until afternoon that our cousin decided she wanted to have lunch in Sunway Pyramid before we decide where to bring the kids for play.

Just imagine the time we took to find one empty parking lot then.

But hey we were lucky that day, after going round and round for more than 15 minutes I think, one car which is a few lot away from an entrance got out. My husband rarely gets a parking lot near the entrance. It’s him because I often get one near the entrance myself. If there is none, I simply wait around for a car to go out. Ha ha!

So long story short, still in my kenduri attire, we lugged the kids out of the car and into the entrance and guess what I see the moment I stepped in?

Well, well. We do need to change Winter’s diaper so off to the right we go!

Sunway Pyramid’s baby room is amazing! It has the sliding automatic door like the ones in many mall, because pushing a stroller while stopping a door just isn’t fun. Doable, I mean I do it everyday when going home with Winter, just the two of us, but hardly fun when you have ten bags to hold.

When you come in, there is this bench at the centre. Heartbeat was so fond of the tiny chair at the end with a baby picture, he kept asking me to put Winter there. And the space on the other side is for your bag.

On the right hand side are 3 private nursing room.

There is a couch, a coffee table and two power sockets, in case you need it for pumping. Or charging phone while nursing? I tried to sit there while waiting for Heartbeat to poo, it was comfortable. Just right for nursing!

Speaking of poo, another friend asked me to tell which mall has baby room with kids toilet bowl.


Yeah, that’s Heartbeat right there. He’s so isn’t camera-shy.

But, look! Tiny bowl! With tiny sink!! It’s like finding a good gem.

The changing area is next to the tiny toilet. It’s spacious, and look at the rack below it. Just right to put your bags into so you don’t have to pile everything on the changing table.

And there at the corner is the air purifier, you know, to keep the air clean for your kids.

Cuckoo brand, people! Can get it from the Cuckoo agents around you. I’m not one, by the way.

And notice the fire extinguisher right next to it? I have a good story on fire safety right up. But for now.

It’s the washing area. Two sinks. And water dispenser for formula making. They even got bottle cleanser along with soap and lotion (the dispensers on the wall) for the babies. The round hole is where all the trash goes to. I like the hole type trash can. With the close-flapped ones, sometimes people just shove the flap using the diapers, making the flap dirty in the process. This hole one feels cleaner to me.

And ohhh the wide mirror. For mothers to straighten themselves up because what kids don’t pull on your outfit and make it a total mess? Winter has gotten into a habit of chewing my tudung lately.

In total, I capital LOVE the baby room at Sunway Pyramid. It’s all the reason to choose the mall more over other malls, other than the fact that it houses the supercool The Parenthood that Heartbeat loves so much. I had been considering an annual pass or something for that one.

Should I?

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