When I Screw Up

“It must be great being you.”

This isn’t the first time she said this.

“Why?” I asked.

“You must really like what you do. You are good at it.”

I cannot not agree with her, I guess. I really like my role in the team now. And even back when I was a fresh graduate in Samsung, my superior had spoke of my exceptional CAD skill.

But still, it isn’t all great being me.

Like last Tuesday, it was bleak in the morning and I thought I would wear my comfort dUCk (sort of like my comfort food, only it’s dUCk) and ended up burning it during ironing, right on the charm side. Now I don’t have a comfort dUCk anymore.

And today I thought finally after a two days in a row clocking-in past 9 (no, I wasn’t late. Late is past 9.30 for my shift), I finally got to go back earlier because we started the day earlier. So despite the back pain and sore heel, I got ready for work only to realize that my car key is in Winter’s nursery bag and my husband sent him off more than half an hour ago.

The spare key was nowhere in sight.

We have a scooter which I don’t know how to ride.

No GrabCar around the area at that moment at all.


You see, I got these times too when I screw up. So what do I do when these things happen.

I don’t overly blame myself over it.

I may have done something stupid, but that’s OK, lets not do it anymore. And if it’s foolish, I allow myself to laugh at my own stupidity. If anything, the last thing I need is more stress.

These may make me look like I am never serious about anything, but it keeps me going. By doing this, I accept my flaws and weakness instead of being angry for my inadequacy or feeling like a failure. I will try to do better next time, but for now, I am not an embarrassment to humanity.

No, I didn’t walk to Winter’s nursery to get the key. I asked Alia, our neighbor, for a favor to send me there. Such lifesaver she is, I may need to buy her cake or something in return.

And I clocked in past 9 again today.

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