The Hottest Birthday Party in Town

When Heartbeat got his first invitation to a birthday party, I was super excited. He was accepted into a social circle! I am a pretty *cough* social butterfly *cough* myself, so getting invitations to birthday parties are important.

It was his school friend, K’s birthday party. His mother was a colleague of my husband. And the party was held at the FIRE STATION!

Wow, I had thought. Whoever had imagined a birthday party at a fire station.

When I was a kid, the birthday parties I got invited to were the ones at my friends’ houses. Tiny ones with cakes and light meals. The best birthday party back then was the one held at the one and only McDonalds in our small town. It belonged to the smartest, richest (I secretly think), and popular girl in our grade.

Heartbeat was only three years old, when he got invited, and already the birthday party packs are as expensive as the ones you get at kenduri.

The birthday party, since it was held at the fire station was organized by the firefighters. Through it, they taught the kids several important things during a fire hazard.

For example, what number to call when there is a fire. It’s 999 in Malaysia, not 911.

What to do when your clothes catches fire? Roll on the floor to extinguish it! They even have the kids practice those things out. Oh and do you know, some times ago I read that kids pajamas should be made from non-combustible material and should be fitted to the kids, because existence of oxygen in between kids body and their clothes is a risk during fire hazard. Yeah, I read random facts.

How do you escape from heavy smokes? Crawl on the floor to the exit!

The module was fun, they even showed to the kids how they do the famous firefighter pole-descending. Heartbeat was in awe when he saw it, he kept trying to do it whenever he saw something that looks like a pole, even the chair leg 😑.

The kids got to ride on the fire engine and go around with siren blaring and at the end, there was water play where they sprayed the kids with water jets.

Heartbeat had so much fun from water playing, he stopped midway to take off his shoes that were drenched, and continue running bare-footed. When the play ended he started complaining how wet he was. Excuse me, just 2 minutes ago you didn’t care.

So, the question is, how do you hold a birthday party at the fire station? Here is where my friend Hana came to the rescue.

This year her son, Aydean, had his birthday party at the fire station too. So naturally, we spammed her with questions 😂.

According to Hana, all you have to do is ask your nearest fire station about it. If the date is free, you can book them up. Apparently, it is free of charges. Yes. FREE OF CHARGES, for the venue and the firefighters organized module. But you have to handle the caterings and the decorations, as well as cleaning up yourself afterwards. No extra money is given to the firefighters because I think this is sort of their safety awareness campaign to the crowd, but it is good courtesy to offer them the food you prepared too.

Sounds fun? Off you go now to your nearest fire station for further inquiries.

For now, aren’t these two adorable?


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