October Updates

MIL is leaving for a vacation today and it just started raining. I remember how much I hate taking off and landing at bad weather. I even remember the two times I threw up in the plane, it was disgusting.

On a separate note, I got myself fatter after two weeks not watching what I eat. And I just discovered a heavenly mac and cheese place 20-minutes drive away, and they even have a good bakery. On the day you can’t find me anywhere, try find me there. Ha ha!

I also has started a working-class dUCk collection. They are the dUCks I wear for work, which means none of the SS or printed going to make their way into the club.

And although I talked about getting the new iPhone XS, I had decided I need a new laptop more than I do a new phone. The current one we have in the house right now is more than 7 years old and had started to slow down significantly.

Heartbeat’s school concert is coming up soon and I will be blogging about it later on and hope it doesn’t involve the word “cry”.

Winter’s 1st birthday is around the corner too. Heartbeat’s has been requesting soccer shoes and a new toy gun as presents. I know, it’s Winter’s birthday, but Heartbeat has been requesting presents and he doesn’t want us to just buy things out for him. He insisted he wants it as presents. So ceh that one.

I have something big coming up on 22nd too. I will prepare the blog draft ready for the big occasion, so I can just hit Publish when I got the announcement. And no, it isn’t my resignation. Lol.

This is just random updates around my daily lives. I will talk to you again soon.

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