Europe vs Japan

Just as every other working day, I enjoyed my breakfast alone today. While you might wonder if I am a freak for eating my food friendless in the middle of the company’s cafeteria, I assure you I am not. Morning breakfast is where I take my own time to breathe after all the morning chaos at home doing laundry, preparing nursing bag, cooking porridge, being chased around by a crying 11-months-old while trying to get ready for work etc. It’s when I sit down and just enjoy my morning coffee quietly before I return to the company social environment.

So this morning, I can’t help feeling that, maybe the Europe trip is better done when Heartbeat is 10 and Winter is 7. That way, introducing other culture to them may be more beneficial than when they are only 6 and 3. At these age, while they may still enjoy the trip, they will not know cultural differences for a lot of things are still new to them, not different. And a 3-year-old won’t care yet about the WWII.

But. Then it would be such a long wait. Zz.

Other than the Europe trip, we had also consider splurging on Disneyland Japan. The “splurging” part is planned by me, obviously. My husband just mentioned Japan. Ha! Do you know a 3 days 2 nights at the resort already costs you rm6000? That is not even including your airfare and if you are going around Shibuya or Odaiba. For a cheaper alternative, you can stay offsite. The ibis Styles Tokyo Bay is a relatively cheaper option and they provide shuttle to the Disneyland. Tokyo is a nice city, I did tell you I wanted to return right? But if I am to compare the money spent to just Tokyo, it will be more worth it to spend it on a Europe trip considering the educational benefit that comes with it.

For now, we will keep our options open. But yeah, waiting until Heartbeat is 10 is such a long wait away.

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