My Public Speaking Tips

I have a training at work today related to presentation skills. Being 30 minutes late since I have an urgent drawing to issue, I walked in to see that we have to make a 2-minutes presentation, preferably with slides. I have no slides and even if I take one from our usual meetings, I didn’t see how it is of the other training attendees’ interest.

You see, other than planning, I take extra effort to nail public speaking. Face it, being made to stand in front of everybody to speak itself is already a punishment, let alone making a fool out of yourself when doing it. So I usually make sure I would do above average in any public speaking.

So here are the few things I usually do for my public speaking:

How to Not Be Nervous

While I have had numerous public speaking experiences to the extent I now only mentally writes my text, I can’t help being nervous everytime I take centre stage. Yeah, you cannot just squash that monster away, it will linger a bit. But try focus more on what you are saying rather than those eyeballs zooming up on you. Once you’ve picked up your speaking momentum, it’s easy to forget that you are nervous.

Pick a Good Topic that Your Audience are Interested In

Because honestly you can deliver a powerful story of Germany history and your audience can still fall asleep. Except if your audience is my husband. People like to listen to what they like to listen. And they pay extra attention when it is related to them. So have a quick check on who is the attendees and pick a general topic that relates to them all.

Mention Real Life Examples

If you are talking about the topic Habit to a group of women, instead of a general example of shopping, you can use dUCk shopping instead. Or talk about the latest movie at the cinema. This will usually stir interest in your audience. It makes the talk more personal instead of a speech they are forced to listen to.

Make Sure You Have All Your Opening-Body-Conclusion

You need a head and tail of what you are saying or people would go what’s-the-point-of-this? For my public speaking today, it was a two-minutes, and for a good speech it would best to have a quick 30 seconds for introduction, 1 minute of body and 30 seconds for conclusion. DO NOT SPEED UP YOUR SPEECH JUST TO FINISH EVERYTHING IN 2 MINUTES. Also, do not stop midway just because the bell rang. Always conclude it. The worst they would do is deduct your mark. That is if they got marks.

Prepare Your Speech

This one I usually do in my head. Restricting my speech to what I wrote on paper makes the whole presentation stiff and rigid. I also don’t quite like a powerpoint presentation when I’m not presenting chart or graphs. These unnecessary slides distract your contacts with your audience because you need to keep checking the slides for the facts. Get to know your topic then you don’t need a slide to give out your points.

After the presentation, the trainer gets people reviewing our presentation. One guy mentioned I seem like a hyperactive who speaks whatever thing that came into my mind. Zz no, dude. I’m a blogger, I’m used to talking. Ha ha. Other than the fact that my nasal is still stuffed with mucous and make my voice funny, I think I nailed the presentation well.

The bad thing about it is we have to deliver the same presentation tomorrow with all the improvement, which means writing up a text so I could eliminate my fillers. And the excitement of the speech just won’t be the same anymore.

Sigh. Until then people.

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