Heartbeat and School

Heartbeat’s school concert was a blast. The older kids especially made a great performance, showing that young children too are worthy of spectacular stage shows if only you train them right. The drama trainer was Enfinity Academy and the dance from Tutu Toe. Boy, I just can’t wait for Heartbeat to take parts in a more advanced dance. And I hope by next year he would learn how to smile on-stage.

I do have stage-fright, in case you wonder. Stomach butterfly? Shakes? Clammy hands? I have them all. I just did stage too much to bother about them.

On another note, I had a chat with A, whose first girl graduated from Heartbeat’s preschool and now in primary school. And now I wish I had not. A told stories of how the school is very much unlike their preschool. So I guess the girl had quite a shock. She still doesn’t like her school now, she had said.

Later on that night, I had more chat with a friend back from my primary school, my next-desk buddy in fact. And we shared our dread on sending our kids to school soon. Not just on the syllabus, I fully understand Heartbeat’s learning capability, but what bothers me is more of the crowd. From what A told me the first years are already kicking people around.

While I understand some parents are all alah-budak-budak-biasalah-main-kasar, I am not that parent. I don’t teach my kids to be rough, even Heartbeat through all his superhero-saving-the-day play, physical contact during playing is a big NO and I don’t tolerate it at all at home. So to make sure he sticks with my teachings regardless of his environment will be such a big challenge.

Any parent else as paranoid as I am?

On another note, anyone knows a not-so-expensive private school please?

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