My Kitchen Story

In case you wonder why does it seem I am not doing something fun lately, it’s because I’m busy studying for JLPT. Seriously.

On another note, I’ve also been catching up on chores like polishing my kitchen.

Our kitchen is the section of my house where I spent hours designing and thousands of bucks building. It must be the time I spent so much money after my wedding. And we didn’t even have granite top or 4G doors because, oh well we don’t want to spend more than what we have in hands. I was being very sensible in case you don’t notice. But I love it nevertheless.

We have black tiles over the concrete, and with grey cement, the dividing lines barely shows. And the doors are grey melamine. And unlike many stovetops, ours are stainless steel, not tempered glass. I don’t favor tempered glass because:

1. I think you are not supposed to put hot pots straight on the glass for fear of crack (this fact needs verification. Someone?)

2. I just love the industrial kitchen feeling stainless steel gave off.

And instead of the normal coated metal grill, I have one of those heavy steel ones.


They are bloody difficult to clean. Ha ha ha. I can scrub for hours, and still the grease/oil/fat/whatever still won’t budge making the grill feels all sticky. When I don’t have time, I just tell myself I did my best, pat my shoulder and leave them be. But today I’m determined to resolve them, once and for all.

So I googled “how to remove grease from metal” like a true millenial.

It turned out, rule number one is acid is useless against oil/fat. You will need an alkaline, so I immediately think of baking soda solution to try out later.

Two, if you are using dishwashing liquid, you need a special powerful one called grease-cutting cleaner. Although this one I wasn’t sure will be safe to be used on metal or not.

Three, it has been said that vegetable oil may work wonders. This one I have yet to try out. And does vegetable oil includes palm oil too? Anyone?

I will be trying all of the above today, but in case you have a better idea, please let me know. I need all the tips I can get my hands on.

I’ll see you again when I finish scrubbing.

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