The Katerina Hotel and Driving Around

Heartbeat has his own magic spell.

“I like it.”

And poof! he got whatever it is he has his eyes on.

Or at least most of it.

We are not notorious at being strict with our kids. As long as we find what he wants reasonable, we let him have it. And Heartbeat is good at not wanting unreasonable thing.

Some weeks ago he started talking about sleeping at hotels. Either it is because it has been long since we slept at one, or it is because Ryan (as in Toys Review) went to a hotel, I don’t know which. But last weekend we found ourselves pushing through the great glass door of The Katerina Hotel.

The place was nostalgic, mainly because it was where we held our wedding reception. And we had not been back ever since. I remember carrying my wedding dress through the lobby and glancing at our names put up at the event notices. There we were again, two kids in tow. Food was still good at The Katerina Hotel, the same fabulous quality served during my wedding. And hospitality was great, the bellboy rushed over to help us with bag, even when we had only one, and some random staff walking by stopped pressed the elevator button on our behalf. They look like they are ready to serve all the time.

Heartbeat had a blast. He couldn’t wait to get into the tub so we had to endure him justifying why he had to have a bath now and not after he comes back from playground later. I was lying on bed when he whispered “Pillow fight!” and we started pushing pillows at each other. We couldn’t be too rough as Winter, clueless but wanted to join in the fun nevertheless, is in the middle of things.

WINTER LOVES THE TUB. He has a severe case of eczema therefore we never brought him out to pool, even the one at our house. This was his first time in a puddle of water bigger than his baby tub at home. He just couldn’t wait to get in and was noisily demanding me to hurriedly put him in with Heartbeat.

After all those tiring work of entertaining the kids, my husband asked me do I know where is the famous keria in Melaka people has been talking about.

“Since we are already south, we should check the place out. It isn’t everyday we travel south.”

That was then it hit me: my husband loves roadtrip.

Driving is hard work, this I know painfully well, but my husband never let me take the driver’s seat, regardless of how very tired he was. He would drive everywhere, even making detour to visit places out of the way. Like that time when we journeyed 10 hours from Penang to KL trying out laksa somewhere in Perak and checking out places.

Therefore, I feel there is no other way to do our Europe trip, but by car. Tiring though the journey would be, and more expensive than going by train, but driving would be a valuable experience my husband would cherish, so driving it is.

I had a whole new route now, but sadly, we had to cancel Spain out, considering the huge cost of that leg. That left us heading straight to Paris after Rome but a possible stopping by Nice. But there is also an exciting addition to this new route I will tell much much later once I confirmed everything out.

Until then, help me make doa we are showered with enough money for the trip, will you?

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