Keria NOT in Melaka

The weekend following the Keria Detour we were back in Klang Valley craving for some more Keria Gula Melaka. Assuming there are readers here who are not from Malaysia and don’t know what a keria is, it’s a kind of doughnut made using sweet potato. Keria Gula Melaka is the one glazed with brown-colored palm sugar instead of the usual white sugar. There are 2 famous places selling these (Keria Hj Jalil and Keria Hjh Rahmah) and the stalls are just opposite of each other so the next time you are in Klebang, you can easily pick between the two.

But we were not in Melaka and there is no way we are going to make another trip just for it. So, like a true millenial, we googled for Keria Gula Melaka in Bangi, and found a gem.

Deep in Sungai Ramal, there is an eatery called Medan Selera Adikku which is famous for their itik salai. Next to the eatery, is a small stall selling keria. I cannot remember the name of the stall, but we went and bought five pieces of them.

In addition to this, my colleagues living around Bangi talked about a stall opposite of Wong Solo named Mat Cakoi selling good keria too. I know know, why does Mat Cakoi sells good keria? No idea. But that was the name of it. Apparently the stalls by the roadside opposite of Wong Solo had been moved further so now it is nearer to the 2Co shop. For the sake of comparing we bought 5 pieces more.

Below is the keria compared side-by-side.

The darker ones at the left-hand side is Mat Cakoi and the right-hand side is Medan Selera Adikku.

The verdict? I don’t know if our keria was slightly burnt (because of the darker color) or what, but Mat Cakoi ones had a slight bitter taste to it. The ones from Medan Selera Adikku rivals well with those in Klebang with a smoother texture. I think it tasted slightly sweeter than the ones from Klebang but overall, I had really liked it. So much that after JLPT, we revisited the stalls and bought 10 of it.

So if you ever craving keria gula melaka and Klebang is just too far, not to mention the insane traffic in Melaka on weekends, make that trip down Sungai Ramal for a keria just as good. The two times I was there, the kerias were hot from the wok. Have a try and let me know what you think!

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