How to Shop Like a Pro

I actually planned to write a proper blogpost about my birthdah today but two people sent me DM me at Instagram the below today, so I can’t help but write this tiny blog post up.

One of my strongest skillset is analytic thinking. Which is why my jobscope includes simulation works, where I test run a few variable, observe and analyze the outcomes and comes up with a conclusion. This trait I take a bit too far that I even analyze the traffic to work; judging by which traffic light is currently green, the current time, the types of vehicle queueing at the light, will it be better to stand the queue or take the shortcut on the left.

So today, I will tell you, why the above SALE doesn’t appeal to me.

I mostly buy dUCks from FV. Sometimes some clothes I need or some clothes my husband needs. But rarely anything random.

If I am going to take this chance to buy 3 dUCks, the biggest saving I got would be RM10 per dUCk. Which isn’t much since they hiked the price back up to RM130 for PB range. Or if I want to maximize the RM30 off on a dUCk, I would have to buy 1 dUCk + 2 dummy items. Dummy items are cheap unrelevant items that you buy just so you can get the required number of items to get the maximum savings. Previously I just bought cheapo T-shirts from FVBasics discounted collection (some of them less than RM20 even) to entitled me for a 40% off dUCks. But since this offer is for an absolute amount of money; RM30; your dummy items shouldn’t be too expensive.

The minimum you could save per item is RM30/3. It gives you -RM10 per item, therefore your dummy items shouldn’t be more expensive than that. I could not check what is the cheapest thing on FV right now because the website is down (seriously their new site is bugging me), but let say the cheapest thing is RM5. Then you will have an extra -RM10 to contribute to your dUCk purchase, totaling the savings to RM20. Which is not so much of savings in my opinion.

But this is speaking of dUCk. In case you are eyeing other things that are less than RM10 each, like the dUCk pins, you can end up paying for nothing (provided they are included in the sale. Haha!). Or if it’s something less than RM50 + dummy items, you could also be saving a lot.

Anyway, the highest record for discount for dUCks PB range is 60%; 20% slashed price by dUCk + 40% sale by FV. So if you are just seeking to stock up on PB range and it isn’t a die-die-must-buy thing, I would suggest you to wait until then. In 2018, the big sale was held twice; during Mid Year Clearance sale some times end of July and during the 11.11 sale.

So there you go. It may sound a bit complicated, but you need to be smart to shop too. Whether or not to buy, is your choice, but this isn’t a good bargain for me so I’ll skip. For now I’m still content with what I have in my wardrobe.

Oh, and if you choose to buy, don’t make more than 3 purchase in one go. Separate them so you can get RM30 off for each three-items.

Until next time.

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