My Big Day

Today isn’t *the* big day. Haha. But I spent my time before lunch with the author of alynnzamri so she could check out my blog layout settings.

Yes, I know I took an entire year to fix it.

And this too is because I finally got my own laptop for my birthday present!

Oh, how my heart somersaulted when I saw the white box lined with thin gold ribbon sitting majestically on the dining table when I woke up in the middle of the night to get my phone from the living room.

And then it landed on rock-bottom as I realized that this means I don’t have anymore excuse not to take my writings seriously.

Anyway, I traditionally take my birthday off from work and do whatever I want to do. This year it is the long-dued massage and… working on this blog some more? Ha ha!

I totally forgot I had wanted to watch a movie, and whether it is because I am now older, I don’t know what to eat outside anymore. I originally had a few things in mind, the Dolly Dim Sum (I never tried them and my husband isn’t that keen on dim sums so it’s just right to enjoy them on my own. Ha!) or the teokpokki at Dubuyo but I found myself not having enough eagerness to walk into both restaurant.

I settled for my usual seafood wrap from Subway takeaways and spent the rest of the day at home. Pfftt, I felt old much.

Even so, I also realized that, while looking much younger than my age kinda feels nice (my younger colleagues thought I was just 26. Lol!), the older I became, the more things can be difficult for me. For one, I can’t exactly tell teenagers off for doing inappropriate things because they will think I am just the same age as them. I have half a mind to tell people, “Excuse me, I’m old. Call me ‘makcik’, please.” Or maybe I should just stop wearing tudung bawal and start wearing those makcik-ish blouses, just so I would look older.

This year, too, I came up with several birthday resolutions. I’ll make an entire post up on it next, because it will get long if I do it here. For now, I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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