My Birthday Resolutions

Cutie Winter just fed me using his toy fork and pretending to munch something all around the toy room. So cute. It’s Toys Day today after the saga last night (Books Day just failed miserably), so I’m sitting at the door making sure no Legos ended up in a toddler intestines.

Now that said toddler is continuously chanting pa pa pa in a whisper while throwing diapers all around the room.

Anyway, I’ll talk about my birthday resolution today. So here it is.

1. To grow back my right brain.

Believe it or not, there were times when I was immersed in sketchbooks and pencils, crayons and colors. But as I grew and straight lines and well-defined curves with fixed uniform radius took the better part of my life, adding colors became the least significant job of the day, and that too involves you choosing a color from a less-than-50-colors palette. These quickly becomes the main-killer of my creativity cells.

2. To be more financially responsible.

Honestly, all those impulse buying habit need to go. Some days ago I read on facebook about a mother saying her husband and her are jobless and depends on their savings for a living, due to age factor, finding another job is difficult. Therefore sometimes it’s hard to get enough money to spare for her child’s school fee. If anything, the story makes me want to succeed harder than ever, so I will have enough money to pay for my kids education. My dad had gave me all he could for my education, I should at least be able to do that too for my kids.

3. To return on a trip to Tokyo.

How is this a resolution? Ha ha ha. But nevertheless, I never really set my eyes on a trip at the beginning of the year, but I guess this year I do. Or I have to. My husband and I need to walk the earth more to shake off our anxiety of facing the world. And Heartbeat needs to go to Disneyland. Lol. But a really short trip is dued so we can see Shibuya crossings and Mickey Mouse.

4. To finish writing one story.

Just by writing that resolution out, I already felt the heaviness that comes with it. Writing a story is no easy feat. I may have written many of them in school, but it’s just isn’t the same with writing when you are 33. Especially *not* when you are so used with writing in bullet points and in Excel cells. Engineering is really killing my creativity more than I think.

5. Driving on my own to Damansara.

The other day, I followed my husband to work so I can send Heartbeat to school (and eat Ikea’s meatball afterwards. Ha!). Taking the public transportation back, including the Grab from the train station back home costed me more than RM30, a real eye-opener at how unaffordable Malaysia’s public transportation is. Oh how I wished the MRT2 will be completed soon for better cheaper options of transportation mode. But until that day come, I will just need to improve my driving skill and my mental strength to face the ridiculous Klang Valley traffic.

So there, I hope you get a clear picture of what my following year will be like.

And don’t forget to plan yours well too!

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