The City of Love (?)

Am I the only one killing myself while trying to iron the MSS dUCk? Seriously they are TOO DIFFICULT TO SMOOTH OUT, they make getting a perfect awning with SS seems like a walk in the park. With nice breeze and beautiful tulips even.


I told you if I don’t start fixing something I’m going to change our Europe travel itinerary 236 times more before we go. And this time, on the list of to-cancel-out is



Because I’m already so romantic I don’t need the city of Paris to show my love. *flips hair*

Ok. Kidding.

Paris is a nice to go, nice to see. It’s good to take photos at the Eiffel or Louvre and plaster it across Instagram and Facebook, but when comparing the joy of getting 83 likes (because that is the maximum likes I could get out of Instagram because I only have 83 followers ha ha ha!) and the cost to spend a 2-day-1-night there, it simply isn’t worth it.

Paris started becoming less significant when my husband and I decided against their Disneyland, we find it not worth-the-money enough. But of course if you are mega-rich you should go, but money is tight in our hands, therefore we decided to skip. So without Disneyland, I was left to justify why Paris is more than just a croissant stop.

I’m a romantic. I really am. So much that I can’t find anything romantic about Eiffel.

I wanted to see the Louvre, but then again I am no artist and I know I would just drag myself across the museum as fast as I could because I couldn’t be bothered.

So there left the croissant. Ha ha ha. Fine, spending 500 dollars to taste a croissant really isn’t that sensible. And I can’t exactly taste 10 because of the calories. Ha ha ha.

Therefore, if you are #teamParis, pitch in on why Paris should be on our destination list, and who knows we might take the city back in!

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