What to See in Prague


While choosing our route through Europe, one of the cities I looked at was Prague. It isn’t too far off from other countries like Spain is, and it isn’t as expensive too. We could definitely make a detour for a night there.

So I dug more on what fascinating about Prague. Of course architectural is a big focus in European cities. Who could resist those ancient stone buildings, heck even my university faked one out and thanks to that we have one of the nicest graduation photos in front of the buildings. Ha ha ha.

But if you are searching for something more different, Prague has that astronomical clock.

ancient antique architecture arrows
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A hundred percent more interesting-looking than the clock on your phone or your smart watch even (although, in contrast, barely understandable ha ha), how can you not want to see this third oldest astronomical clock constructed way back in the 1410. It is even the oldest one still running, hey! OK, now the next question you would like to ask me would be, “Where is the other two?” and the answer to that would be, “I don’t know“. Ha ha ha. I haven’t read that one up, but I’ll let you know when I do, OK?

Other than that, there is also The Dancing House, which I couldn’t find a photo of in the Free Photo Library and therefore cannot show you, but in this world of fast 4G internet, you almost always able to google the images up I hope.

Architectural aside, Prague history dated back in the Paleolithic Age, adorned with stories of Kings coming into and out of power. Somewhere in the story one King was murdered (stabbed, if I remember correctly, as he was planning to invade Poland) and he left no male heir to his throne. The infamous Charles Bridge, the one crossing Vltava river was constructed in 1357 to replace the one before it which was damaged by flood. Looks like London Bridge isn’t the only one being re-built back. But if you are looking forward to see the bridge this year, you better go fast because it is said to undergo renovation work at the end of this year due to it’s bad technical state. Well, a bridge ages too, you know, and this one is how many years old already? The bigger news is that renovation work allegedly will take 20 years! Although I am not sure if parts of the bridge can still be visited through the years, or maybe they could finish the work earlier than that. But just to be safe, if you die die have to visit it, go early this year. Now. Book your ticket. Fast.

The other thing I found out about Prague from a colleague is Trdelnik.

Totally harassed my colleague so he would let me use this photo on my blog. Ha!

Apparently, this spit cake is popular among tourists in Prague that Czech people had had to clarify that it is NOT their traditional delicacy. Similar-looking dough cooked by wrapping them around a pole on an open fire can be found in various other cities in European country, only with a different name on them, such as Kurtoskalacs in Hungary and Baumstriezel in Germany. Slovakia even have their version of Skalicky Trdelnik registered as Protected Geographical Indication. The cake usually topped with sugar, but there is a few other way of topping them. The above was filled with cream and strawberry.

But if you ask me, they look exactly like those horns pastries selling at Gloria Jeans at our rooftop. Ha ha ha. I don’t know if they taste the same though.

Also, if you not yet know this one, among the cities I looked at, Prague has a relatively cheaper hotel rates which means slotting a night or two there in your tour around European countries won’t necessarily hurt your wallet.

A good cake of architecture, thickly layered with cream of history and sprinkled with good pastry; are you on team Prague already?

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