Keeping Them Alive

A best friend from childhood DM-ed me at Instagram last week. She said she remembers a blogpost I wrote years back about Sky, and thought she wanted to talk to me about her recent miscarriage.

I hurriedly scrolled through all my posts here to find which one she was talking about, I already forgot what I wrote. Lol.

But nah, it wasn’t here. It must be really really years back or it might be from my Faceook page. Either one.

But as I scrolled, I stumbled into a lot of other posts I forgot I’ve written. For a while I walked down memory lane recalling back those moments of Winter and Heartbeat.

Becoming a writer, you have no choice but to take into accounts what your readers want to read. But being ablogger, I decide, you have a choice to write about whatever things you like. It may be small and irrelevant to your readers, especially when you seem like talking about your kids forever, but years on, when you look back, those are memoirs you keep alive with your writings. I am not good with photography, therefore capturing moments with it is difficult for me (like last night when we found Heartbeat sleeping hugging Winter and I tried to take the photos of it but my camera flash went off and both kids got startled and change position before my shutter got to go off. Screw you shutter why were you so late?) so I guess I keep them alive with my words instead.

Thank you for reading my blog and my memory and whatever story I have in it. I deeply appreciate it.

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