Passion vs Practicality

A few days ago my colleague did the below poll on her Instagram story.

Guess, which one did I pick?


Yeah, I picked ‘NO’. But it isn’t entirely because of money.

My job don’t pay extremely well. I still drag myself to work everyday. And boy, don’t I love days off!

But, I don’t hate my job. That much I know.

Some weeks ago I entered the busy phase at work where I hardly chat with people. My colleague would come to my desk to say hi because I haven’t been to her desk, and I couldn’t even properly look away from my PC to have a chat with her. That is how engrossed I was in my work.

When it all died down a bit and I finally had a meal with her, she said, “You don’t look like someone who is going to resign.


“You look so happy with your work. What will happen to you if you quit?” she added.

“Ah well, I am happy staying at home too.” I pointed out.

My job may not be my passion. Or maybe it is, I don’t know. But I find it interesting. And fun. But there are a lot more other things I find interesting and fun too.

Like reading.

And learning about dark matter.

And taking up foreign language.

And planning events.

And re-arranging my whole house.

And making up travel itineraries I won’t be going to.

And lately I want to find time painting.

But nevertheless, when asked if I want to leave my job for something I’m passionate about even if it pays less, maybe not. Because somehow, I didn’t dislike it in the first place pun.

What about you?

P/S: Plus how can you hate dealing with lights and colors. They are so fascinating I tell you.

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