Mandarin Oriental Presidential Suite Staycation Contest

It’s the last day of Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur’s Presidential Suite Staycation contest, and I haven’t really find a good reason why I deserve to win the staycation.

Lets see.

I haven’t been working hard. Well, I had worked hard at work but I was enjoying it too so I don’t feel like I was suffering to make me deserve the out-of-this-world reward.

I haven’t been a supermom. Lol I couldn’t even compare myself to my colleagues at this. My kids clung to me and I drive myself crazy teaching Heartbeat to read while Winter cried excessively at my leg, but I wasn’t dead beaten everyday to need an excessive pampering to pay for it all.

Therefore, seriously, I could not bring myself to write exaggerated self-praising comments to make myself worth the staycation, because like it or not, I know I don’t deserve it.

But the thought of getting to try Presidential Suite is nice though. I could totally put it up my list of hotel and set a new benchmark of my bedding chart. Oh you know how much I LOVE white sheets and fluffy beddings.

But if *you* had been doing great with your days and think you deserve a staycation at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur’s Presidential Suite, head on to their Instagram page @mo_kualalumpur and find the below post.

Follow the simple 3 steps above to win a staycation at their Presidential Suite. The contest ends today!

Hurry up, you could just be the winner and I will just be happy that I helped spread the contest word to you!

P/S: Winners will be announced on 29th at 5pm.

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