Learning of Healthy Snacks (with Ryan Toys Review!)

Ryan Toys Review should really start teaching how to read on YouTube.

The other day, before sleep, Heartbeat was telling about a Ryan Toys Review (from now on, RTR, or I will really flip if I have to write in full the entire length of this post) episode where RTR and his mom went for a healthy snack hunting challenge around the grocery store. Heartbeat was really impressed by the episode that last Friday, he announced that he wants to eat sushi.

Because salmon sushi is a healthy snack!

My husband was puzzled. So I had to explain back to him about this particular RTR episode.

No one eats raw fish in our family. I eat them when I have to, but they aren’t something I fancy or anything. So for a 5-years-old Heartbeat who hardly like to try and eat anything new (he wouldn’t even try kicap, you know), this is such a big thing!

But of course we asked him to wait for the water before eating, he’s known to throwing up food he doesn’t like. We definitely didn’t want him to cause a scene at Sushi King. He didn’t throw up his first bite, which shocked us, because uh well raw fish doesn’t taste that nice, to be honest. And he wasn’t eating with any sauce or whatever. He ended up finishing 1 and a half of salmon sushi and couldn’t get in more. He decided he didn’t like it. But not throwing up is already an achievement. Lol.

The next day we went for grocery shopping. He excitedly ran around searching for healthy snack, he must have pretended he was in RTR show too.

Mango is a healthy snack!”

He saw an orange and said, “Omak, do you know? Navel orange is a healthy snack. I need to find navel orange.” and ran off.

Ha? What orange?

Here, Omak.

Me, looking at the sign on the orange. Oh, it’s really called “navel orange”.

And I need yogurt! Yogurt is also a healthy snack!

Dude, I doubt you gonna like yogurt. But I took one in peach and mango flavored for him anyway. We can always let him try and hopes he doesn’t hate it like his parents do. Ha ha ha.

And then we went to biscuits section.

“Omak, I want this one!”

“Is that a healthy snack?”

“Ummmmm, no…”


“Well, it’s not a healthy snack, but you can have it sometimes. Not everyday. Only sometimes. OK?”


We picked one unhealthy snack and put it in our cart along with a good number of healthy snacks.

I guess those things are called treats for a reason: only for ‘sometimes’.

Now come to think of it, RTR really did a good job, no wonder he makes millions. Lol.

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