Heartbeat and New School

April comes. With a dead busy schedule for me. I am determined to go out of house early as I now have to send Winter to his daycare and Heartbeat to his school. And morning traffic in front of schools is not funny. At all.

But at least I am surviving. So far.

My husband and I, we both are a bit over-excited when it comes to our kids. You know how much I have prepared on this school transfer. On Sunday, my husband suddenly said he would go together to send Heartbeat since its his first school day. I naturally know he will want to go, but find his announcement unexpected. Ceh, like I don’t know you are super-excited too.

And on second day, he announced he is sending Heartbeat to school. Because I know exactly what Heartbeat’s answer would be, I purposely asked Heartbeat who he wanted to send him to school. My husband, not wanting to admit defeat, used his diplomatic skill and suggested to Heartbeat that Omak and Abah takes turn sending him to school. Heartbeat foolishly agreed. Very clingy Abah and yet don’t want to admit it.

I picked Heartbeat up on his first day. He hopped into the car saying how much he liked the new school and that it was fun.

“Really,” I asked.

“Yes. But the teacher teach for so long. She asked me to walk here in there but I’m still sleepy, so I sleep.”

What. On. Earth.

This. Boy.

I. Cannot.

But yeah, I totally laughed like crazy.

He woke up the next day with boosted energy showing he was happy to go to the new school again. As we walk towards the car, I asked him.

“Are you going to sleep again when the teacher teach today?”


Ah, but no worries. He didn’t sleep on the second day. Lol.

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