Europe Trip Planning Update

I finally finalized my final Europe trip itinerary.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

I made it pass through Itinerary Fix Meeting (Attendees: me, nooneelsehahaha) because if I don’t do it, I will be changing it like a thousand times more before we actually go. Or worse we could end up at only Amsterdam for 2 weeks because the rest of the itinerary isn’t ready at all. Lol.

The thought of going to so many different places is tempting, but since my husband isn’t yet a Director (and not to mention, getting him off the office for one day is already such a pain, let alone for twenty one) I have to be content with only 5.

These 5 cities are somewhere my husband and I really want to see and we include one we think the kids want to see. And they don’t include Paris. Um because other than croissants and Longchamp, I really am not that into Paris.

For the sake of saving times, we (which actually just means “I” but everybody has to agree with Omak because she’s the one doing all the planning job) opt for a few flights but for the sake of experience, I included a few other mode of transportation. I scratched off driving from my plan as car-rental can be so complicated and I want to save myself the hassle.

Other than the route, Itinerary Fix Meeting also fixed the hotel. I know some people prefer AirBnB as a choice of accomodation for three reasons:
1) They can be cheaper than hotel, especially if you are travelling in big group.
2) You get to live among the neighborhood and experience the locals’ everyday lives.
3) Some airbnb has kitchen for you to cook. That will not only make it easier for those who cannot live without nasi, but you can also save money since you don’t have to eat outside.

But I chose hotel because, again, I don’t want the hassle of having to get to know airbnb’s host. It is apparently very important for you know to know what kind of person a host is. You just don’t want to blindly walk into someone else’s house now, do you? So I found us a cheap, clean hotel (because if I would like a Four Seasons, the farthest we could go for a vacation would be KLCC) that let us fit the four of us. Another important thing to note: I know how we always ignore that pax per room rule, announcing there will only be 2 persons checking in when you are exactly squeezing in with your 4 other friends, but when you are out of your home country, especially somewhere you are not familiar with, it’s best to respect rules and regulation.

We had our route, our hotel and most probably our choice of airlines. Therefore what’s left to do is detailed itinerary of each city. Until then, I will jusy talk about things other than this trip. Ha ha ha.

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