Heartbeat Says Goodbye

My heart shattered today.

Well it has been shattering since 2 months ago when I registered Heartbeat to his new school. You know, like continuously shattering in slo-mo for 2 months until today all the pieces dropped on floor and I cried in front of Heartbeat’s school teacher. My husband made fun of it 😑

Today as I walked hand-in-hand with Heartbeat to school, I tried hard to savor the moment for this would be the last time we walk together through this corridor. I pressed the bell and the door opened, revealing bright white walls with colorful wordings: “The happiest place to learn.” Indeed it had been the happiest place for Heartbeat to learn.

I remember his first day there. Heartbeat was a pretty late-talker. He had shown sign of unhappiness at his previous daycare and the daycare principal (sorta) had said they would need to evaluate if he’s ready to do any activities yet before admitting him to the next group. Obviously, her answer, received only after I asked multiple times if they are going to switch Heartbeat’s playgroup, did not sit well with me. So we made an immediate decision to just switch school altogether. Lets find somewhere more fun for him.

When we brought him to the school for his first day, he immediately ran in himself when he saw the wooden arch for the kids to climb on. We left while he was busy playing, and the teacher said he cried a bit when he realized we were gone. Over the next few months, that wooden arch were his favorite.

When I joined them for The Gruffalo play trip, the kids arrived screaming with excitement. One of the teachers had told the kids that the kids from other schools were quiet and well-disciplined, but they were so noisy, they seem like a zoo. Oh well, the kids are noisy. But it was the thing I really love about the school: how noisy the place is.

I don’t know about you, but I feel that noisy kids are great. When my husband or I fetched Heartbeat, there will be kids going to us to make small talks and tell us stories. We were taken aback at first, like why do I need to listen to your stories, but in the same time I know it’s a good sign. The kids aren’t afraid. They are given enough freedom to speak and to tell stories. Of course they are a little loud. I figure it was because their bodies are small, they feel the need to scream in order to be heard. There was a video my husband took as he was fetching Heartbeat where the kids were wrestling with the school principal. These little things like spending time playing with the kids are the kind of things I really appreciate.

They don’t have a lawn, but on some days, the bigger kids are taken out to see the trees planted around the buildings. There are days when the smaller kids will go out and have water play behind the school. Their annual concert is fabulous, the effort the teachers put into getting the kids up for performance are amazing.

But of course no school is perfect. There are things I don’t agree with the school too, but overall, I was really happy that Heartbeat spent his early childhood there.

P/S: This post was written about 3 weeks ago. Heartbeat had been at his new school for 2 weeks, and I still more than ever feel the school is a better school for him.

Disclaimer: The school is an international preschool. As such, it doesn’t have Islamic education module, if you are wondering to send your kids there.

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