My Ganglion Surgery Part 1

  • Hi, I’m back after a seriously long non-post season. I had wanted to blog a few weeks back, but my hand still hurt so I didn’t. In case you didn’t get the deets, I had just had a ganglionectomy, which is a fancy way to say ganglion removal surgery.
  • Surprisingly, ganglion is such a common thing that most people I talked to had one other person in their lives who had it too. But if you are one of those rare ones who had never heard of it, ganglion is fluid build-up over your tendon or joint. At first I thought it was just funny looking bone as it only appeared as a bump when I bent my wrist. And then a few years ago I stumbled into an article about ganglion and realized it matched the description of this bump on my hand. But at that point, the doctor said it was relatively small and it didn’t interfere with my nerves therefore removal wasn’t necessary. So, yes, all was good. Until one month ago, it grew big enough and people around me started to notice it, but I casually told them it was nothing and that it doesn’t hurt.
  • And then a few days later it started to hurt.
  • Ha ha ha.
  • I had to go back and forth to the hospital and the doctor promptly schedule a surgery to remove it. Apparently it had then pushed two of my nerves out of their ways so when I excessively move my wrist, my thumb and forefinger hurt.
  • The surgeon has this knack of not telling me the details of things, but I was too lazy to find another doctor so I proceed with the surgery. Prior to the surgery, the anaesthetist came and asked a few questions. I love anaesthetists. The few I met really have that happy, relaxed personality, it’s difficult to feel nervous around them, although I was really nervous at that time considering it’s my first experience with general anaesthetic and people don’t have pretty stories about it. When I told him I had LSCS, he went, Oh, you did LSCS, you’ll be fine, this is just minor.
  • I tell you, I was far from fine.
  • To be continued.
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